Our Philosophy

Health Above all! Here at Health Above Holistic Wellness Center, we specialize in many forms of holistic wellness. From ancient healing practices, to cutting edge technological therapies, Health Above Holistic Wellness Center may be just the right place for you to develop your total health and wellness lifestyle!

Our Story

With the passion and vibrance to bring ourselves into true resonant harmony, lifelong journeys of healing modalities and sharing the knowledge of the ancients. The healing brought forward by touch, the energy of sound, cellular nourishment and true earth medicines

Meet the Team

Samantha Ruth and Adam Myers are the practitioners that bring the Health Above Wellness Center to life. We offer a diverse range of wellness and health practices with our lifelong journey and training in the art of “total well being”.

Samantha Ruth

Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Sound healer, Ozone Practitioner, Nutritional Coach

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Adam Myers

Massage Therapist, Sound healer, Ozone Practitioner, Kambo Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Coach, Holistic Life Coach

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